cool story

Here I am. In The Principal's office. Everyone was here. the principal (obviously), the assistant principal, the leader of the EPA, the leader of the FBI, even the leader of SHIELD, also the president of The United States Of America, don't forget my parents. "So, tell us what happened son." Said the Principal. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there's not much left 'Coz I've been crapin' and laughin' so long, that Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone. So I did somthing productive, eating donuts and watching family guy. it felt FREAKING EPIC!!!! while it lasted. because some dumb bully. walked to my desk and whined "EEEY YOU NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!" Well, That made me supa mad! Because bullying is not cool, and not cool stuff makes me want to scream: "ICE CREAM!!!". then we got sent to the hallway and we were forced to see who can eat noodles the fastest. "TIE!" screached Willy Nelson. Then JESUS came! "The Broth is now wine,” "NO!!" Yelled bully. Then Jeebus got MAD!!!!! “go to the office now.” Then the bully cried and pooped his pants to the office. Then Miss Teacher came. "You are a bad boi." she say. "NO WE DEVORCE!!" I yelled. Then I Jumped over the lazy dog. Then I walk down the street as people throw things at me. Then I went to the shop. Then this stupid mean criminal guy said "This is not the shop." Then I was like "NO I CALL THE COPPERS NOW!!" "Not if I do it FIRST!" said mean dude. Then the cops came. Officer said "Do 10 push-ups." NO!!! I FEEL MAD NOW!! This is like Dr Dre and Stephan Curry in the same room. Then it cuts to Dr Dre and Stephan Curry in a poopy bathroom "ew!" Said Dr Dre. "ok" said Curry. Come on you can do it. Then french narrator came “tell audience 100 push-ups late plz.” “k.” Sed narrator. 100 push-ups later. Well that was boring. Now I will write for steven universe, wooah I wipe my butt and called it steven universe script and got 10000 dollar. So cool but JON ARBUCKLE said “No more monkey jumping on the bed” and as a monkey, I was mad because I jumped on bed for one milisecond so I told jon “NO MORE JON JUMPING ON THE JON” then happy end the end.